Delete my account

To delete your Mowiz account permanently:

  1. Log in with your email account and password with which you access Mowiz.

  2. If you access it from the App, click on "my account" located at the top right with an icon of your profile.

     If you access it from the web, click on the menu that shows your email and you will see a drop-down menu, click on "my account".

    Both on the web and in the applications you will see the option "delete account" click on that option to display the submenu where we ask you the reason why you want to delete your account.

  3. When you click on "delete my account" you will receive a confirmation message to delete your account. We require you to confirm the deletion since it is an irreversible process.

  4. Remember that by deleting your account we will delete your information and you will lose access to any product or service you had active.
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