Modify a booking

To modify a booking you must make a new booking and cancel the old one. First make sure you can make a new booking before cancelling the old one.

Please note:

In Meet and Greet Services: If you have a change in the pick-up or drop-off time of your vehicle, you need to make a new booking and cancel the old one. If you are unable to make a new booking (the car park may be full or may not accept last minute bookings) please contact the car park to advise them of the change of time. The contact details are on the booking confirmation you received by email or you can view it by logging in to "my bookings".

For Parking Services with Transfers: If it is a small change in the arrival or departure time of the car park (1-2h) it is not necessary to modify the booking, as long as this change does not imply a change of tariff.

Although it is advisable, you do NOT need to modify your booking if the changes affect the details of the vehicle (error in the number plate, make, model) that do not imply a change of rate. You will be able to update these details when you return the vehicle.

Check here how to cancel a reservation.

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