I'm late returning - will I have to pay more?

Most of our affiliated car parks have a courtesy period of between 1 and 4 hours, which is specified in the booking for unexpected delays, as can happen with flights in the case of airports.

In the event of exceeding the courtesy period or starting a new tariff period, the extra stay is payable. Your booking will specify the particular terms and conditions of the car park where the additional cost in case of delay will be reflected. When calculating your stay at Mowiz, the rate calculator already applies the rules that apply to each car park. In general:

  • In car parks that charge minimum stays per day (or 24h), this means an additional day's fee. Sometimes, a delay does not incur an additional charge if it does not mean that a new 24h stay period begins. Example: a booking with entry to the car park on the 25th at 16h and departure on the 26th at 13h, does not start a new tariff period until the 26th at 16h, so a delay on the 26th between 13h and 16h does not entail a surcharge.
  • In car parks that charge for minimum stays by calendar days, the rate does not change to an additional period or day, generally until 00:00h on the new day. Thus, a reservation with departure at 18:00h does not carry a surcharge if the delay does not reach midnight (00:00h).
  • For hourly stays, which is more common in city car parks, the extra time consumed is charged at the normal parking rate.

Airport car parks know the details of your flight and its possible delay if you have indicated this when making your reservation, which often allows them to anticipate the delivery and collection of passengers and/or vehicles at airports.

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